Welcome to our 2010 blog for our Room 2, Year 2 class of children at Botany Downs Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand. We hope you enjoy looking at the work we do this year.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our Reflections of our year in Room 2.

I loved doing maths because it was fun. HS
I loved learning to use "Toondoo because it was fun making up stories. JC
I liked learning things at "Bible" time. Our teacher was really nice. ES
I liked doing all the art escpecially the picture we did for the calendars. ChP
I enjoyed reading because we had interesting stories. DH
I liked the "Big Day In" because we had fun games and a movie. MH
I liked playing games on the computer on wet lunchtimes. MW
I liked the "Big Day In" because we watched a "Franklin" movie about Christmas. AS
I enjoyed the cross-country and having mufti days. KF
I liked the "Big Day In" and Athletics. I came 3rd in the cross-country too. PH
I enjoyed everything especially maths. TC
I enjoyed doing Mathletics because it is awesome. DN
I think it was great doing maths because there were fun games for us to play. CP
I liked going on trips. The Museum one was the best. JG
I enjoyed doing art. The calendars were the best to do. SH
I liked doing art. I liked the "Maui and the Sun" pictures best. TH
I liked doing Christmas activities and doing things on the "mimio". AR

I liked going to the Marae because I got to speak on the Marae. LB
I liked playing in the sandpit at lunchtime and making tunnels. PC
I enjoyed art. We made lovely stars that looked like flowers. KM
I liked Jump Jam. The "4 minutes" one was the best. MW

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