Welcome to our 2010 blog for our Room 2, Year 2 class of children at Botany Downs Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand. We hope you enjoy looking at the work we do this year.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Space Story

One day when the rocket was flying it broke down. They landed on Venus. They thought they would find something and they looked and looked and looked but they did not find anything. So they looked again, but they still did not find anything. They looked for an hour.
Along came an alien. He asked, “What is the problem?”
“We broke down.”
“You can use mine.”
“What about you?”
“I have a spare one.” They all felt happy. Sometime they visit each other.

The Stuck Duck

Once upon a time there was a duck. She went for a swim in the pond but it was too muddy and she got stuck. No one came. She waited two days. At last the pig came. “Are you stuck?” asked the pig. “Yes,” said the duck. The pig called the cat and the cat could not pull the stuck duck out. So the cat called the cow, but the cow could not pull the stuck duck out. The cow called the horse and the horse pulled the duck out. The horse felt good because he pulled the duck out.

Making our Alien Pictures

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Aliens and the Underpants

One day the Aliens were coming to Earth to steal some underpants to make big underpants for their statue to celebrate underpants world. The Aliens like underpants. It is funny. The Aliens went inside the home and looked and looked in the drawer and they found some underpants. When the people woke up they were surprised and angry. The Aliens went to their spaceship and went home to bed.