Welcome to our 2010 blog for our Room 2, Year 2 class of children at Botany Downs Primary School in Auckland, New Zealand. We hope you enjoy looking at the work we do this year.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Using the laptops in the classroom

Today we had a pod of 4 laptops in the classroom. We worked on them in pairs and learnt how to turn them on and log in. Then we had to find out where Kidpix was in the programme files and open it. We had time to make pictures on kidpix. Some of us made amazing space pictures and others of us just enjoyed finding out what the tools did. Perhaps we will be able to show you some of the pictures we made. As you can see by these photos we really enjoyed our time on the laptops today. The rest of the class will have a turn tomorrow.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Poem of the Week about rockets

Listen to us reading our poem called Rockets. We have a new poem each week to take home for the weekend. We are really enjoying reading our poems. We have it in our poetry books and have to make our own illustrations for it. You can see some of our work in the video

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We made a video of our Library

We love going to the library every week. There are a lot of books there that we enjoy reading. We are allowed to take home a book each week to share with our families.
Today we took a video to show and tell you about our school library. This is our first try with the new flip video camera and it was great fun using it.

We hope you like our video.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skip counting

Here's a good website to practise skip counting in 2's, 5's and 10's.

What makes Ten?

We have been using euipment to show we know "What makes 10" We took all the photos ourselves. We love using the maths euipment.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Visit from Starlab

I went to watch Star lab and I liked it. We learnt about three stars and I liked it. It was fun so, so, so fun. I saw the moon and I saw the stars.


Yesterday I went to Star lab with Aaryan and I saw Mars and it was red. Then I saw a shooting star. It was fun. I saw planes and it was dark.


I went to Star Lab and I saw Orion. Orion is a giant and he is a star, a very big star. We touched rocks from space.


Yesterday Room 2 went to look at the Star lab. We saw Orion and the Southern Cross. We held a rock. It was fun


The other day we went to Star lab. We learnt about Orion. We had fun and we learnt that people live in a Space Station. I liked it.


Yesterday I saw the Southern Cross and Orion and I aw the Seven Sisters. I went to Star lab and when we were there we held a moon rock and we saw the Space Station.


Yesterday we went to Star lab and we learnt about space. I saw Mars. It was cool and we saw Jupiter and we saw the moon. We saw the Earth and we saw Orion and we saw a red star, a yellow star and a white star. We touched a rock.


When my class went in the Star lab dome I learnt that planets do not shine and I learnt that there are pictures and there are moon buggies on the moon.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our "me" art

We have made some pictures of ourselves.
This art was done in lots of different steps. This is what we did...
  1. First we drew ourselves in pencil.
  2. Next we drew over our lines with black "sharpie" (but we didn't do our head.)
  3. Then we coloured in our bodies with pastel.
  4. After that we dyed the background with blue dye.
  5. Lastly we glued a photo of our faces onto our bodies.

Don't you think we look GREAT!!!!!!!

"Me" unit

We have been getting to know each other at the beginning of the new school year.

We have made graphs of eye colour, number of people in our families, hair colour and favourite things. Here is one of our graphs. You can see that a lot of the children in our class have brown eyes.

We have also been talking about our families and drew our families in a house shape.

We have been practising our manners as well. We think our class is the greatest!!