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Monday, March 22, 2010

Our Visit from Starlab

I went to watch Star lab and I liked it. We learnt about three stars and I liked it. It was fun so, so, so fun. I saw the moon and I saw the stars.


Yesterday I went to Star lab with Aaryan and I saw Mars and it was red. Then I saw a shooting star. It was fun. I saw planes and it was dark.


I went to Star Lab and I saw Orion. Orion is a giant and he is a star, a very big star. We touched rocks from space.


Yesterday Room 2 went to look at the Star lab. We saw Orion and the Southern Cross. We held a rock. It was fun


The other day we went to Star lab. We learnt about Orion. We had fun and we learnt that people live in a Space Station. I liked it.


Yesterday I saw the Southern Cross and Orion and I aw the Seven Sisters. I went to Star lab and when we were there we held a moon rock and we saw the Space Station.


Yesterday we went to Star lab and we learnt about space. I saw Mars. It was cool and we saw Jupiter and we saw the moon. We saw the Earth and we saw Orion and we saw a red star, a yellow star and a white star. We touched a rock.


When my class went in the Star lab dome I learnt that planets do not shine and I learnt that there are pictures and there are moon buggies on the moon.



  1. What great stories! I have learned some things that I didn't know before about space. Thanks Room 2.

  2. Wow, looks like everyone had fun at Starlab and learnt many exciting things about our planets


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