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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Our Maui and the Sun stories

Maui and the Sun
The sun was too fast. Maui said to his brothers, “The sun is too fast. We should make the sun go slow.” But the brothers said, “The sun will burn us.” Maui said, “We can build a wall of rocks so we won’t get burnt.” So they made flax rope. Then they hunted for the sun. When they got hot they knew they were at the sun. Maui said, “When you see the sun, catch the sun and don’t let go, so I can stop the sun.” When the sun came up, Maui said, “Throw your rope and hold it tight.” Maui hit the sun and the sun said, “Don’t kill me.” Then Maui said, “I will not kill you, but I will make you go more slowly.” So the sun went slow and Maui and his brothers were happy. PC

Maui and the sun
The sun went too fast. So Maui and his brothers got an idea. There were short days and long nights. So Maui and his brothers made some flax ropes. Then, when the sun rose up, Maui and his brothers attacked, and Maui hit the sun. Then, after Maui and his brothers hit the sun, Maui’s brothers said, “We can leave the sun now.” Then they left the sun and the sun was really slow. Then Maui and his brothers were really happy because the brothers got to do some work.


  1. What great Maui stories!!

  2. Very very nice story I also like maui and the sun Aaryan raj


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