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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Space Story

One day when the rocket was flying it broke down. They landed on Venus. They thought they would find something and they looked and looked and looked but they did not find anything. So they looked again, but they still did not find anything. They looked for an hour.
Along came an alien. He asked, “What is the problem?”
“We broke down.”
“You can use mine.”
“What about you?”
“I have a spare one.” They all felt happy. Sometime they visit each other.


  1. Well done Kevashan, you wrote a good story.

    Pranetha Moodley

  2. Wow KM, we love your spack story because it's full of things from space and it's amusing.
    From Jack and Queenie.

  3. Your story was interesting. We hope they got home safely. Did you give your alien a name?

    Room 13 Grey Lynn School


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